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Chiropractic for pregnant moms

Pregnancy can be one of the most memorable, eye-opening experience for a woman. 

You may be feeling all kinds of conflicting emotions upon realizing that you have a human growing inside you. Take heart, mama. We’re all in this together.

Although you are encouraged to just enjoy this phase as well as taking good care of yourself, it’s not always ‘rainbows and baby unicorns’. Sure, people would compliment you for having that ‘pregnant-mom glow’, but over time, you’re bound to go through some difficult changes, physically and emotionally.

Expecting a Sibling

Common Problems

As the body changes, the curve in the back increases, the abdomen swells, the ligaments relax, and the pelvis changes. These can lead to spinal and pelvic misalignment.

You know the pain you feel at the back and hip that makes it hard for you to fall asleep?


And when you’re finally asleep, your full bladder screams for you to wake up and go to the bathroom?

And when you’re back in bed, you’re having trouble falling asleep again?


Yes, all that originates from the misalignment. And, this is only just one scenario, of many. 

Although it’s in your best interest to find remedies to ease the pain and smoothen the whole pregnancy process, be careful in choosing the right ones. 

For example, over-the-counter pain-killer medications that can normally be consumed may pose a risk to you and your baby. Discuss with your doctor first before taking any medications. 

Or, you could consider safer, healthier alternatives such as chiropractic care. 

Why should i get chiropractic Care during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy helps you and the baby to achieve optimal health by removing interference to your nervous system, maintaining normal uterine function, reducing pain and discomfort, and promoting your baby’s development. It also balances your pelvis by removing excessive tension to muscles and ligaments as well as enhancing optimal fetal positioning for smooth delivery.

IS CHiropractic safe for me and my baby?

Chiropractic is regarded as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of nervous and muscular complaints. The fact that you don’t have to consume drugs to relieve your pain already puts you at a less risky condition.

Each chiropractic treatment is adapted to individual patients, so in cases of pregnant mothers, the adjustments done will be gentler to accommodate you and your baby.

Also, our clinic has a chiropractic table with pelvic drop to allow ample belly room for you. So, you’re assured of a safer, more comfortable treatment experience with your chiropractor.

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